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Aging Cabinet - 100v 30 A - 4 Channel

This equipment is specially used for Circle Life Testing and quality control in the production or experiment of lithium ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, cadmium-nickel batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries and other batteries. Charge characteristic test, battery charge retention test, battery charge and discharge efficiency test, battery overcharge, overdischarge rate endurance test and so on.

Input Power Ac220v± 10% 50hz Ac220v± 10% 50hz
Voltage Measuring Range Precision ±(0.2% Of Reading +0.2% Of Range)
Current Measuring Range Precision ±(0.2% Of Reading +0.2% Of Range)
Power Measuring Range Precision ±(0.2% Of Reading +0.2% Of Range)
Charge Charge Mode, Cut-off Condition 1-999h/step, Constant Current & Voltage Charging
Discharge Disharge Mode, Cut-off Condition Voltage; Current; Relative Time; Overcharge Protection Constant Current Discharging
Circulate Range Of Cycle Measurement Single Cycle Step No Voltage; Relative Time; Overdischarge Protection 1-999 Times
Data Base My Sql Data Base 100
Communication Mode Tcp/ip
Data Output Mode Excel, Txt, Chart