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BMS Tester (1-24series)

This equipment is specially used for lithium battery protection board performance testing, multi-functional protection board testing system, mainly used to detect whether the functional indicators of power battery protection board are within the parameters range, thus providing a set of testing standards for staff. It is mainly used for test of power battery protection board of protective board manufacturer and power battery manufacturer. Testing functions include: overcharge protection voltage, overcharge recovery voltage, overdischarge protection voltage, overdischarge recovery voltage, overdischarge current protection, short-term guaranteed cost test, charging current protection, balanced open voltage, balanced real-time current, total self-consuming current of protection board, single self-consuming current.

Parameters Test Range Precision
Overcharge Protection Voltage 0-5V ±5mv
Over Discharge Protection Voltage 0-5V ±5mv
Overcharge Recovery Voltage 0-5V ±5mv
Over Discharge Recovery Voltage 0-5V ±5mv
Overcharge Protection Current 0-50A ±0.1A
Over Discharge Protection Current 0-120A ±0.1A
Blanced Opening Voltage 0-120A ±5mv
Overcurrent Protection Delay 0-8S ±1ms
Total Self Power Consumption 0-10MA ±5uA
Relative Humidity 10-500UA ±1uA
Battery Cell Voltage Applied Range 0-200MΩ ±1mΩ
Optional 1-4series; 1-8series; 1-16 series