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Manual Cell Sorter - Prismatic

This equipment is specially used for battery voltage and internal resistance measurement. The method of loss measurement, simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters, sorting function of comparator, compatibility with SCPI instruction set, and new improved sampling circuit are adopted. Various contact resistance tests, alkaline batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium battery deterioration assessment.

Parameters Test Range
Voltage ±0.3% Resolution:0.01v
Internal Resistance ±1% Resolution: 0.1mΩ
Tester Size 10x15.8x10cm
Weight 1kg
Working Temperature 0c-40c (Adjustable)
Relative Humidity <85%
Storage Temperature 10˚-50°
Relatibe Humidity <85% (Double Pulsºe Inverter)
Guaranteed Accuracy Temperature 23°±5°
Relative Humidity <75%
Battery Cell Voltage Applied Range 0-19.999v
Battery Cell Ir Applied Range 0-1999.99mΩ